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In Her Image

an online workshop


Available December 2020 -January 13, 2021


Zoom call options will be: 

*Dec 8, 2020 @ 8pm MST

*Dec 10, 2020 @ 7pm MST

*January 13th, 2020 @ 7pm MST

Join Bergen, Jentri, and Sarah and an intimate group of WOMB sisters who are ready to make peace with their bodies.

So many women in our community are hungry to understand the divine feminine and develop a relationship with Heavenly Mother. We get asked all the time, “How do you connect with Her? How can I know and become like my Mother?” 


There are many ways to begin connecting with your Mother in Heaven but we have found that every path to Her will eventually bring you to the female body. If we as women are at odds with a part of ourselves that makes us uniquely like Her, then we won’t be able to see and experience Her in Her full glory.


Our personal experiences have shown that the capacity, limitations, form and functions of the female body give us an opportunity to know ourselves and our Mother in a way that no other symbol can. She is in you and you are in Her.

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Workshop Lineup

*Video Workshop with Bergen Hyde:

"Using Divine Truth to Make Peace with Your Body." 

Because the body is a vital member of the soul, when we are estranged from our bodies our soul is not whole. 


WOMB Co-Founder, Bergen Hyde, will share the eternal truths--with complimentary exercises--that will help you shed the adversary’s lies and re-member your body as a divine manifestation of who you truly are----A DAUGHTER OF GOD, created in HER image!

*Video Workshop with Jentri Hames:

"Bodyfulness Practices" 

Once you allow eternal truths about the body to shift your perspective from body shame to body peace, you’ll be ready to bring more empowered action into your life. 


Jentri Hames, WOMB Co-Founder and licensed mental health counselor, will share simple “bodyfulness” practices that you can easily incorporate into your daily routines. 

*Video workshop with Sarah Rasmussen: 

"The Earth, My Ancestors, Heavenly Mother and Me."

WOMB Co-Founder and Social Media Director, Sarah Rasmussen will close out the workshop by sharing how connecting with the earth and her ancestors has helped her reclaim her body and find Heavenly Mother.

*A live Zoom session with Bergen, Jentri and Sarah

Join us for a community discussion and an opportunity to process the workshop content. 

Choose between 3 select dates between Dec & January for your zoom discussion. 

Also included: 

*Body Scan: A meditative audio recording to help you connect and check in with your body. 


*A PDF download of the workbook 


*Bonus audio recording of Bergen's body workshop

relief society presentation.

*Bonus church lesson outline:

Take these body practices and principles and simplify them into a lesson that could be taught in a church setting.

We've created a PDF lesson template for you to download and use.


*Also included:

Life time access to any additional bonus materials we will continue to add in the future, such as podcast interview episodes. 


Pricing begins at $55

What you'll leave with: 


A renewed sense of your divine identity as a daughter of God.


More peace with your body and more appreciation for the gifts it gives you.


Practical, hand-on tools that will help you integrate your body and its wisdom into your daily life.


Simple daily practices to cultivate your connection to your power and to Heavenly Mother.


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