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Intro to the
Divine Feminine Masterclass

A Beginners Guide to Heavenly Mother and the Sacred Feminine.



I have experienced many miracles the last few years in my search for Heavenly Mother and the sacred feminine. One of the greatest miracles has been the wise and loving guides that have come into my life. Their offerings always seem to come in divine timing and with awe-inducing synchronicity. All I can say is that I am deeply grateful for each time I trusted the call from my own soul to reach out and learn from these extraordinary humans. 


I feel humbled and also a sense of sweet satisfaction that I might be such a guide for you. Thank you for trusting me and listening to the call, it truly is an honor to hold space for you in this way. 


My hope is that this course will be a boon to you, that you will find nourishment and support in my offering. I also pray you will feel throughout this course, that no matter how dark and difficult the path, surely you are never alone. SHE is always there, always. And as you come home to yourself, may you also become one who holds out the hand of help to those who follow you. May the circle be unbroken. May it be so.

Beloved sisters, 

All my love, Bergen

Who is this masterclass for?

This self-paced, soul-led course is for women who are ready to begin exploring introductory concepts of the divine feminine. Each module invites you to shift cultural paradigms that keep you from seeing the sacred feminine within yourself and your spiritual life.


Bergen will also gently walk you through the process of beginning your own personal practice of connecting with Heavenly Mother and re-connecting with your own sovereign soul. 

Meet your masterclass teacher:

bergen divine feminine.JPG

Bergen Hyde, co-founder and Creative Director of WOMB, lives in Provo, Utah with her husband and three kids. She is an expert freestyle dancer, full-fledged salty snack junkie, and loves spending time in the mountains preferably in a body of water.


She has been devoted to the work of the Mother and the sacred feminine for the past 4 years and is honored to have held sacred space for over a hundred women and counting!

Bergen is passionate about women’s issues and has found her purpose helping women in the Mormon community come into their sovereignty. She is currently in training to become a “Wounded Maiden to Mature Feminine” facilitator under her teacher, Sarah Durham Wilson.

Bergen Hyde

Divine Feminine Devotion

Priestess Practice

Keeper of the Cosmic Womb

Sacred Circle Holder

What's included?

Four 70-100 min pre-recorded video modules outlining the foundational principles of the divine feminine

Four guided meditations for connecting with Heavenly Mother and your inner wisdom

A live recording of our Signature WOMB Meditation

One LIVE Integration call with Bergen and your Masterclass co-hort


Masterclass Modules

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All of this included for $222

*In purchasing this masterclass, you agree to abide by our terms & conditions, specifically our Intellectual Property terms. 

What our sisters are saying:

"I've had experiences with our Mother and other archetypal parts of myself that I'd never imagined I could experience before. The meditations and conversations Bergen created helped me tap into my mother wound and begin to heal it."



"I would recommend this experience to any and every woman! I entered the Sister Circle feeling lost and confused and left feeling empowered and full of direction. It changed my life and it will change yours too."


"Bergen helped me feel more steady in my life because she helped me start to build a foundation within myself instead of outside myself. She helped me to see how I can have a strong foundation that has a framework that allows and supports flexibility, creativity, and all the other gray I was finding myself in."


"Bergen is a very gifted mentor and guide. She has a deeply calming and wise presence born from her personal journey. She was very important in helping me break free from more layers of patriarchy and develop my own sovereignty. Bergen is the mentor who can hold space for whatever you’ve experienced and support you. You will change and find greater peace and connect with your inner wisdom, your divine feminine and The Divine Feminine.”



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