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What is the circle?

Nourishing Kin Circle gatherings will focus on rekindling awareness and reverence of earth-based and ancestral practices of Northwestern European origin. With a focus on education and connection with community, we will focus on the repair and restoration of relationships with kin of all kinds: body, spirit, earth, ancestors, and community.


Throughout your time in Nourishing Kin Circle, you will gain introductory insight into resources for developing a spiritual practice through a connection with the sacred feminine, your ancestors, the place and space in which you live, and the frameworks of spiritual practices and beliefs of ancient Northwestern European peoples. While surrounded by the support of friends and competent guides, you will explore and transform generational grief created by systemic sexism, colonization and dispersion. You will experience mindful movement and embodiment practices to support your growth, as well as try on new skills and ideas with your fellow Kin Circle friends. Introspection, play, relaxation, refreshment, and reflection are built into each gathering as essential foundational components.


This work will be supported by a framework built around the Wheel of the Year. Each class will incorporate discovery and discussion of both traditional observance practices and their accessible modern complements of eight ancestral holy days, beginning with Beltane and ending with Ostara. Root yourself in a spiritual practice informed by interdependence and ancestral awareness and reclaim the reciprocal power of nourishing practices to care for your heart, body, soul, and kin.

Who is the circle for?

This in-person circle is for women who are ready to begin a practice of integrating the sacred feminine through meditation, movement, and community discussion.


Throughout the course we will explore embodiment through the sacred feminine archetypes--

Maiden, Mother, Wild Woman, and Crone. 

Meet your Womb Circle mentor:

Bergen Feminine.jpg

Bergen Hyde, co-founder and Creative Director of WOMB, lives in Provo, Utah with her husband and three kids. She is an expert freestyle dancer, full-fledged salty snack junkie, and loves spending time in the mountains preferably in a body of water.

Bergen has been devoted to the work of the Great Mother for over 4 years and is passionate about helping women heal from patriarchy, reintegrate the sacred feminine and reclaim sovereignty.

She is training as a Wounded Maiden to Mature Feminine practitioner under the Conscious Feminine Leadership teacher Sarah Durham Wilson. 

Bergen Hyde

Divine Feminine Devotion

Priestess Practice

Keeper of the Cosmic Womb

Sacred Circle Holder

What's included?

4 biweekly in-person gatherings

Intimate group mentoring with Bergen

Building blocks for at-home sacred feminine practices

Guided meditation, intuitive movement, dancing, drumming, and singing

Exploring the divine feminine through myth, story, and community discussion

Zoom integration call with Bergen on the off weeks for group mentoring, trouble shooting, and support in deepening your at home practice.


Course Schedule:

*New dates TBD

The Great Mother and the Child

Embodying the nurturing energy of the Mother and learning to tend to your inner child.

Session 1: 

Session 2: 

The Maiden and the Animus/Knight

Integrating the gifts of maiden energy and calling in the sacred masculine.

Session 3: 

Wild Woman and the Warrior

Reclaiming your wild/instinctive nature and practice working the energy of anger.

Session 4: 

Crone and Priestess

Channel your inner wisdom and learn to dance with the energy of the life-death-rebirth cycle.

*Please note: if you do not live local to Utah and are interested in an online integrative circle, please click here.

Join the sacred circle for $333

What our sisters are saying:

"I've had experiences with our Mother and other archetypal parts of myself that I'd never imagined I could experience before. The meditations and conversations Bergen created helped me tap into my mother wound and begin to heal it."



"I would recommend this experience to any and every woman! I entered the Sister Circle feeling lost and confused and left feeling empowered and full of direction. It changed my life and it will change yours too."


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