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Hello friend.

I would be honored to hold space for you. 

If you would like more personalized support and are looking for a mentor, you can book a one-on-one session with me.


The session can be more coaching based where we discuss a specific concern and I reflect back, share my experience, and walk you through possible solutions.


This type of session is great for:

  • Helping you set boundaries

  • Navigating an inner or interpersonal conflict

  • Finding the right resources to take the next step 

  • Getting clear about your priorities or personal values

  • Moving through a specific aspect of a faith transition


The session can also be more focused inward. This type of session is centered on working with your inner child/inner wounds through guided meditation.


This style of session is good for:

  • Repeating thought or behavior patterns you want to change

  • Working though a place in your life you feel stuck

  • Processing a difficult experience or emotion

  • Reintegrating a recurring limiting belief 

  • Hearing your inner wisdom more clearly


We can also do a combination of the two! You can let me know what feels best to you at the beginning of the session.


It is always an honor to hold space for anyone who feels called to work with me. I hope that you will follow the call and look forward to being with you.



Please schedule an appointment using the calendar below: 

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