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An Online Workshop to Support You in Planting and Nourishing the Seed of Sovereignty. 

She is the Tree is a 6-week online workshop created to help you plant and nourish the seed of your own personal sovereignty.


In the first 2 weeks we will use the stories of Mary Magdalene and The Tree of Life to explore the anatomy and power of divine feminine sovereignty.


During weeks 3-6, we will support the integration of your personal sovereignty through intuitive movement, guided imagery, and community discussion focused on how to show up with greater sovereignty in your relationships.


Through these experiences we hope each of you will bring more of your divine sovereign identity and its gifts into your life and out into our ailing world. 

Meet your Mentors:

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Amber Richardson

Amber Richardson is a storyteller, advocate, and teacher with credits across several mediums. She has produced a podcast for survivors of sexual assault, On Sovereign Wings. She’s performed in storytelling festivals and a one woman play about the feminine divine, Mother Wove the Morning. She’s led discussion groups on feminist theology for over 10 years.


The common thread running through all of Amber’s work is a desire to expand the female experience within a spiritual context. Catch her in her newly remodeled hermitage (okay, it is one room) loudly working on character voices, meditating, or writing her Kickstarter funded book about what queens in the scriptures can teach us about the Queen of Heaven.

 Bergen Hyde, co-founder and Creative Director of WOMB, lives in Provo, Utah with her husband and three red-headed kids. She is an expert freestyle dancer, full-fledged salty snack junky, and sings in a rock and roll band.


Bergen loves creating safe spaces for women to have hard conversations and is deeply devoted to the rising of the divine feminine and the work of The Mother. She has found her purpose mid-wifeing women in the Mormon community as they come into their sovereignty.


Bergen Hyde


 Sarah Rasmussen, Co-Founder, Graphic Designer and Social Media Director  of WOMB, lives near Utah Lake with her partner and two children. She is an ecofeminist, lover of beautiful films, and enjoys learning about feminine archetypes. 

Sarah has a deep love for helping others to understand themselves. She seeks to offer space for women to be both seen and heard in their truth, and then gently guide them to living in alignment with their authentic selves.


Her favorite hobbies include rock climbing, writing poetry, and tending to her plant babies. 

Sarah Rasmussen

 Jentri Hames,  co-founder and Managing Director of WOMB, lives in Minden, Nevada with her husband and three kids.
She graduated from BYU with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and recently graduated from UNR with a Master’s Degree in
Social Work.

She has a passion for understanding human behavior and learning eternal truths. Jentri
loves all the food, going to the beach with her kids, dating her husband, audio books, laughing, and girls’ nights. 


Jentri Hames


Anna Peterson

Anna Peterson studied applied theatre and education as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University, and has since pursued further studies in body-mind-spirit work.


She is a yoga and movement teacher, guided imagery facilitator, healing drum circle
facilitator, teaching-artist, story-gatherer, performer, and Ayurvedic lifestyle educator.


Her practice is rooted in seeking healing, creating mind-body-spirit unity, and honoring and connecting to God, self, others, and nature.


She is passionate about working with women in reclaiming their sovereignty. She was
raised in Northern California and now lives with her partner and three kiddos in Northwest Arkansas.

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PLEASE NOTE: All meetings will be held over Zoom each Tuesday at 7pm MST. These meetings will be recorded and sent out if you cannot make one of the nights. 

We will be holding a BONUS SESSION, Saturday March 27, 2021. 

This will be our Intuitive Movement with Anna Peterson: Integrating Sovereignty into the Body. This session will take place Saturday morning, and will be recorded if unable to attend.

Why are we doing this? 

Whether it was a long slow journey, or a momentous experience in time, we at WOMB, along with Amber Richardson, have all born a great shift within our souls.

Our mind, body, and spirit have been rent in pieces as we unearthed our own trauma, sorrow, confusion, and anger. But from these pieces a seed of self-governing power and authority sprouted.

As we nurtured this seed, we could hear our inner voice for the first time. We grew in our understanding of the divine feminine and we began to regraft our mind, body, and spirit together again.


We found the tools to navigate faith crises, to restore relationships, to set boundaries, to fight for social justice, to heal from trauma, and to find true joy. Through this journey we have rooted ourselves in sovereignty and realized our dreams. 

The She is the Tree workshop is your opportunity to realize this dream. We are doing this workshop because we know what it is like to stand at the precipice of intense change.


We have been to the darkness and back many times and we can offer you safety, guidance & solace as you begin your own journey. This retreat will be a safe space for you to explore the cognitive dissonance, the heartache, and desire for change you have been feeling. 


We are doing this to help you develop the skills to nurture and nourish your own seed into a tree that will bear unique and delicious fruit. 

Through the archetypes of Mary Magdalene and sacred trees, joyful movement, guided meditation, and community discussion, She is the Tree will help women reclaim their power, nourish and strengthen their sense of identity, use their voice to bring about good in the world, and find joy in the work they feel called to do.  

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